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Magic Candle (Real Wax Colour Changing Candle)

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About Magic Candle (Real Wax Colour Changing Candle)

Here’s a candle that does something besides burn – it changes colours like a chameleon! The Magic Candle is an actual candle, with no batteries involved. The secret is its modern microelectronic technology. Next to the wick inside is an optical fiber that senses the light of the flame and activates the LED colour bulbs. Once lit, the candle smoothly changes colours that range from cool blues to vibrant greens, deep purples, and fiery reds. The Magic Candle will burn for 20 hours, providing mood and ambience to any location.


Burns for 20 hours
Modern microelectronic technology
Optical fiber alongside wick
LED colour bulbs


Weight: 300 grams


One Magic Candle

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