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Magic Fish

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About Magic Fish

Real fish? In here? In this box? Impossible, you say – but just you wait and see! There are seven different species of fish eggs preserved in the soil – all you have to do is put the soil and clean water in the tank, and 24 hours later you will see your fish swimming about. Using the cup provided, you can grow tiny brine shrimp to feed your fish with. Care for your fish properly, and they will grow up to an inch long and live for three months or more.

Please note:
- It is essential that upon setup, bottled water, preferably room temperature, is used. Do not use tap water to fill up the tank as it will immediately kill the fish eggs in the water.
- After 7 days of growing your fish, you should transfer them from the hatching tank to a larger bowl to give them a more hospitable environment.
- After 14 days, you can start feeding your fish with regular goldfish food.

Seven different species of fish eggs, half of which are RAC species (orange with electric blue speckles and a big tail fin with purple lining)

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Bottle to keep fish in
Breek soil which contains fish eggs
Brine shrimp eggs to hatch and feed fish
Brine shrimp hatching cup
Paper filter