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Make Your Own Opoly

Make Your Own Opoly

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About Make Your Own Opoly

Imagine playing a game of Monopoly that has been customized for you: use the name of your own towns, the people in your neighborhood, your schools, your favorite holiday places, and even your parents' jobs! You can do this with Make Your Own Opoly, a board game that allows you to create your own property trading game from scratch.  Make Your Own Opoly also makes for a great gift, too, so don’t be selfish and buy your friends one for their home.

Everything you need to customize a board game is included in the package.
You can customize the box and the game using an easy-to-use software.
You can create your own game cards, money, and property trading cards.
You can construct the game using your PC and any simple color printer.


Boxed-product weight: 998 g


1 x Board game box
1 x Game board
Game cards
Play money
1 x Software

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