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Mech 20 Tommy Gun

Mech 20 Tommy Gun

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About Mech 20 Tommy Gun

A better version of the more dangerous toy guns five years ago, the Mech 20 Tommy Gun uses only foam darts that do not hurt and are big enough not to get into the eyes under normal playing conditions. Its motorized ‘dart blaster’ allows your kids to fire rapidly for more exciting play. The Mech 20 Tommy Gun even uses a dart cylinder that rotates automatically, so it can shoot 20 foam dart blasts as fast as its trigger is pulled! Your boys will love you for buying this toy for them.


Motorized dart blaster
Uses only foam darts for safety
Cylinder rotates automatically for faster shots
Absolutely no cocking


(not available)


One Mech 20 Tommy gun
20 foam darts
Expanding shoulder stock

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