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Micro Knife

Micro Knife

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About Micro Knife

A strong, simple knife that you can bring with you wherever you go is the Micro Knife.  Its blade is only 4 cm long, making it small enough to bring in your pocket. While small, the Micro knife is well crafted from precision-engineered stainless steel, making it useful for various purposes: camping, hiking, utility, kitchen, hunting, and defense. The Micro knife also includes a lanyard attachment that allows you to wear around your neck, hanging off from a key ring. The blade locks into position making it fairly reliable.  Its simplicity is highlighted by its clean and functional design, with a double-curved handle to allow a steady, tight, and comfortable grip. The Micro knife is a great portable and handy tool.


Stainless steel
Keyring/lanyard attachment
One handed opening lock knife


4cm blade


1 Micro knife

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