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Micro Mosquito Helicopter

Micro Mosquito Helicopter

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About Micro Mosquito Helicopter

Looking for the lightest and most stable R/C copter for indoor fun? Then you're looking for Micro Mosquito. It's so small that it weighs only 15 grams and fits in your palm!

Don't let this tiny toy fool you, though - it packs all the essentials for a great indoor R/C toy and more. Micro Mosquito features a coaxial design so it can fly in all directions - up, down, reverse, forward, right, and left. It can even hover! The superb maneuvrability of Micro Mosquito makes it perfect for both beginner and expert R/C enthusiasts. Play with it in the dark - the glowing green mosquito eyes look super cool and let you peek into this toy's inner workings.


Available in two frequencies: 27MHz and 49 MHz
Comes with a charger, which doubles as the launch pad
10 minutes flying time for a 45-minute charge
3.7v Lithium Polymer battery
Fully-charged in just 45 minutes
10 minutes of flying fun
Range of 7 to 10 meters (around 20 to 30 feet)
For ages 10 and up


Dual main rotor: 160mm (diameter)
Body 160mm (length not including rotors)
Weight: 30 grams (with flight battery)


R/C transmitter
Charger/launch pad
Instruction manual






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