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Mini BladeRunner - Rescue Helicopter

Mini BladeRunner- Rescue Helicopter

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About Mini BladeRunner - Rescue Helicopter

Beginners will find the new Mini BladeRunner- Rescue Helicopter even easier to fly than its bigger predecessor, the best-seller BladeRunner II. At only 45 grams (already including the battery),  this remote control helicopter is easy to control even in limited indoor spaces and responds quickly with its preset forward movement plus two-channel digital radio that makes taking off, turning left and right, and  hovering and landing a breeze.


Comes with a 6 centimetre figure to ‘rescue’
Features a flashing red light so you can see it even in darker indoor conditions
Simple to fly – no tail rotor
Constant forward speed (preset)
10 minutes flying time
No assembly required
Features two flying frequencies – two helicopters can be flown at the same time (no frequency interruptions)


Dual main rotor 240 mm (diameter)
Body length: 240 mm (not including rotors)
Weight: 45 g (including battery)


Mini BladeRunner- Rescue Helicopter
R/C transmitter
portable charger
flight battery
portable charger