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Mr P Lamp- One Man Shy

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About Mr P Lamp- One Man Shy

Poor Mr. P from Propaganda can’t find his pants and has to hide under a lampshade to hide his embarrassment! Worse, he has to grin and bear it while everyone looks at him, laughs at him, and pokes at his pee-pee – oh, the horror. Yes, that’s right. This unique and hilarious lamp’s switch is none other than Mr. P’s – you know. Touch him in the right place to turn him on – and off. Who knew that switching the light could be so much fun?


Lights up by switching on Mr. P's uhmm.. you know.
Glows with colors blue, white, green and pink.
Made of plastic, so you won't have to worry about breaking it


15.5cm x 35cm x 13cm (body size)
17cm x 13.5cm (lampshade size)

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