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Mug Boss

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About Mug Boss

For every occasion – whether a birthday, an office party, or a get-well-soon gift – there's always a mug that finds its way to us. So what do we do with all the ugly mugs lying around our desks or storage spaces? We give them away as gifts too. Just kidding! We make them more useful and cover them up with Mug Boss. Mug Boss is a made of strong cloth material designed to be fitted to a mug. It has compartments or pockets for organizing items on your desk such as pens, scissors, rulers, USB flash drives, screwdrivers, laser pointers, and paper clips.  It turns an otherwise lifeless mug into cool storage gear.


Cloth made with tough construction and contractor-grade material
Twelve durable pockets that can hold almost anything
Includes a hook and loop closure to secure it to the mug


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