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If you've ever wondered how spiders saw the world with their eight eyes - keep wondering. But the Lomo Oktomat may give you a clue. After all, this camera has not one, not two, but eight tiny lenses. You don't have to press the shutter eight times, though. Just hit it once and the eight lenses will do their thing, in a two-second, serial succession. The result is a multi-frame photo, with your subject cleanly sliced into eight little frames. You can then upload your photos to the Lomography website and create a full action mini movie!

Film Type: 35mm (negative, slide, B&W)
Lenses: 8 individual units
Collapsible view finder
Serial exposure time: approx. total 2.5 seconds for all lenses to fire
Approx. lens aperture: f/8
Approx. shutter speed: 1/100 sec
Processing: standard 35mm processing at any lab, supermarket, etc.
Serial firing order:
-> -> -> ->
<- <- <- <-

Size: 4.25" x 3" x 1.25" (11cm x 7.5cm x 3.2cm)
Weight: 0.4lb (0.2kg)

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