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Oregon Daylight Projection Clock

Oregon Daylight Projection Clock

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About Oregon Daylight Projection Clock

Looking for the perfect clock to go with your ultra modern décor? Try the new Oregon Daylight Projection Clock, which is an alarm clock that literally projects the time, date, and indoor temperature on your wall or on any surface, no matter the lighting condition.  Never worry about the sun wiping out projection display. This clock has sensors that detect the intensity of the light in your room, so it increases or decreases projection strength as necessary. To turn off the alarm in the morning, just wave your hand across the LED. The same gesture allows you to adjust display settings. Talk about modern cool!  


LCD display
Animated time and temperature
8-minute snooze function
Automatic projection adjustment depending on light intensity
Displays day and month
Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature


4 pounds


One Oregon Daylight Projection Clock
Four AAA batteries

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