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Oregon Scientific Get Trim Trio

Oregon Scientific Get Trim Trio

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About Oregon Scientific Get Trim Trio

Losing weight and getting fit is definitely much easier with the Get Fit Trio from Oregon Scientific. Everything you need to get started on and maintain your new healthier lifestyle is in this pack. There’s a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and a body fat scale. Having the Get Fit Trio from Oregon Scientific is like having your very own fitness instructor! Invest a few pounds in this sensible bundle and you will have more motivation to get active the whole day.


The pedometer counts your steps and the distance you have walked or jogged and also doubles as a calorie counter and timer.
The heart rate monitor is programmable so you can set heart rate zone limits, and also has a stopwatch that displays the time and date.
The body weight scale features step-on automatic activation and is accurate to 0.1 kilograms.


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One pedometer
One heart rate monitor
One body weight scale

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