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Pass Out (Pocket Version)

Pass Out (Pocket Version)

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About Pass Out (Pocket Version)

Once the conversation starts getting dull and the party starts to get lame, you can liven things up with Pass Out, the Pocket Version!  Bring it anywhere with you and take it out any time you're bored.

Drink a shot and take out a card to attempt a tongue twister: "Theophilus the thistle sifter while sifting a sifter full of thistles, thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb." If you get it wrong, drink again. Get it right and it's your drinking buddy's turn. An unlimited number of players can participate.


Bring it anywhere - it's the lifesaver of dull social occasions
Many amusing cards
Good for two or more adults

1 x pack of Pass Out (Pocket Version)

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