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Pass Out

Pass Out

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About Pass Out

Get the party started early with the classic drinking board game, Pass Out. This board game has been around since the seventies and is the perfect way to get the party off to a heady start. In no time, this board game is sure to get you and your friends sozzled. It's arguably the best adult drinking game around.  

It's simple and fun: Every card gives a unique game instruction that the player has to accomplish. If the player gets the instruction wrong, he has to take a drink. If the player gets it right, he can pass off the round to the next person.  See who gets drunk first!   


Various game cards and pieces including tongue twisters for random surprises
Get the challenge wrong and take a drink
Minimum age requirement: 18 years old


Boxed-product weight: 499 g


1 Pass Out Board Game
1 Dice
Game pieces
Card games

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