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Peacock Hand Warmer - Giant

Peacock Hand Warmer - Giant

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About Peacock Hand Warmer - Giant

Whether you're into winter sports or winter outdoor work or simply need a handy source of warmth when you are down with the sniffles, the Peacock Pocket Warmer will do the trick. This stylish warmer can give you continuous warmth for about 24 hours with just an ounce of fluid. It is easy to use, too - just add lighter fuel and you're good to go. Perfect gift for skiers, golfers, hunters, skaters, fishermen, police officers, seamen, railmen, lumberjacks, stevedores, and just about anyone who is out in the cold all the time. This little handy pocket warmer also works well for people with the flu, patients with rheumatism, lumbago, or neuralgia, upon their doctor's approval.


brass-nickel finish
small and handy, perfect for the pocket
generates heat using platinum catalysis
heat generated is safe, no harmful emissions
burning heat: up to 170 degrees  


70 x 110 x 20 mm

Weight: 140g


One Peacock Hand Warmer