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Penny Pusher

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About Penny Pusher

You don’t have to go to the fair to have fun. The Fairground collection of old-school games includes the Penny Pusher, a mini remake of the classic game. Drop your penny at just the right time to push the pennies over the edge, and win a prize for all the pennies you spill! It comes complete with lights and switchable music, offering a highly realistic arcade experience. You can use the plastic pennies provided in the package, or use 1p coins. It’s the perfect game to enjoy with the whole family, but it’s also a lot of fun on its own.


Battery-powered, no need to plug in
Arcade themed lights and music
Can be used with real or plastic pennies
Requires four D batteries


Not available


One (1) Fairground Collection Penny Pusher machine
One bag of plastic pennies

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