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Picoo Z Silverlit MX-1 Supreme

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About Picoo Z Silverlit MX-1 Supreme

PicooZ MX-1 Supreme

Just when you thought that RC helicopters couldn’t get any smaller, Silverlit does it again with the PicooZ MX-1 Supreme. The littlest and lightest RC heli in the world, the MX-1 Supreme measures only 11.8 centimeters long and weighs an unbelievable 7 grams. It is so tiny that it fits inside its own controller, which also doubles as a handy carry case. It is super stable and can easily be flown in the smallest of spaces. Made of tough EPP foam, the MX-1 Supreme is capable of taking occasional rough landings. Despite its minute size, the PicooZ MX-1 Supreme can definitely fly with the big boys.

Super wide IR control
Charges directly from its landing station which also doubles as a display stand
Charges in less than 20-30 minutes to give an impressive 10 minutes flight time
Full function: take off, hover, descend, turn left and right, and fixed forward movement
Powerful integral rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Controller requires 2 x AAA batteries
Landing pad/charger requires 2 x AA batteries

Helicopter: Length 11.8cm
Stand: L 15cm x W 9.5cm x H 2.2cm


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