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Pink Garden Kit

Pink Garden Kit

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About Pink Garden Kit

Pair your green fingers with the Pink Garden Kit! The kit includes everything you need to tend to your garden – or window box. The carrying case is stylish and functional. Not only does it carry your tools – it can also double as a small counter where you can put weeds and even mix fertilizer with soil. The foam lid is soft enough to double as a kneeling pad to protect your knees from scrapes.

Look inside and you will find tools for digging, a weeding fork, snipping and pruning tools, scissors, a dibber, sticks, gloves, and other tools made especially for your delicate hands. It even has a hand cream for that after-gardening pampering. This tool kit really does have it all. Now you have no reason to put off tending to your garden.


Complete gardening tools
Perfect size and grip for women
Sensible gift


(not available)


Stainless steel trowel & Fork
Packet of Pink Daisy seeds
Two sets of Gloves
Planting Labels & string
Hand cream (one tube)

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