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Pink Mouse

Pink Mouse

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About Pink Mouse

A mouse made especially for the ladies, the pink mouse is a gadget and toy that you're sure to enjoy.  The pink mouse is in the shape of a cute little street car that won't give you any traffic problems. It's ultra cool and chic, with its sports alloy wheels and tinted windows. It even has working blue headlights that will light your way during dimly lit nights on the computer.  This beauty is sure to impress your co-workers.  This little car is maintenance free so no need you don't need to worry about programming the SAT NAV.


Pink street car design
Sports alloy wheels
Tinted windows
Working blue headlights
Maintenance free
High quality and ergonomically designed
800 dpi mouse with two buttons
Scroll wheel to ensure easy navigation


Not available


1 Pink Mouse with cable connector

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