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Pink Tool Kit

Pink Tool Kit

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About Pink Tool Kit

Everything you need for home maintenance and basic DIY is in this pretty tool kit, and they're all in pink. Who says that only your makeup kit needs to be pretty and feminine? The pink tool kit is perfect for the ladies or metrosexual men who like to do maintenance of their own house.  They will help you in every little repair problem, from pictures that won't stay up to creaking doors.  Even though it's a small and compact tool box, it's packed with very useful and indispensable tools needed for every occasion.      


Includes a pink robust tool box
Includes 17 carefully chosen tools for maintenance and repair
All tools have pink handles
See contents for included tools


Not available


Spirit Level (magnetically attachable)
Universal Screwdriver (2 x phillips, 2 x flat head)
Tape Measure (5m)
Allen Keys x 8
Adjustable Spanner
Snap Knife
Nylon Cord
Multipurpose Oil
Fuses (2 x 13 amp, 2 x 5 amp, 2 x 3 amp)
Picture Hooks x 6
Cup Hooks (4 x medium, 4 x large)
Screw Eyes x 6
Picture Wire
Robust Pink Tool box

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