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Poster Gumball

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About Poster Gumball

The Poster Gumball looks just like a colourful picture of a gumball machine – but look again! It is a gumball machine, disguised as a colourful picture of a gumball machine! By gum! Simply turn the knob to dispense a couple of sweets, no coins required! You can also refill the Poster Gumball with other goodies, such as peanuts and jellybeans. Now this is one stash of sweets that’s yours and yours alone – not even your sweet-toothed little brother will be able to find it!


Can be filled with any junior size gumball, candies or peanuts
Refilled from the back
Dispense candy from the front by turning the knob and it will drop into the tray


38 cm x 30 cm x 3.2 cm


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