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RC Combat Special Mission Hovercraft

RC Combat Special Mission Hovercraft

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About RC Combat Special Mission Hovercraft

There's no reason to get bored anymore with the Radio Controlled Combat Mission Hovercraft. It's a fully controlled hovercraft that can float on almost any smooth surface, whether on a cushion, table, or even on water. The remote control allows you full directional control of the toy so that you can make sharp turns and spins. It’s small enough to place on your desktop or bookshelf, or bring with you wherever you go. It's also the perfect gift for kids or your officemates.     


Full function radio control
Independent fan control
Detailed paint
Rubber skirts
Works on any smooth surface, even water
9.6V High capacity rechargeable battery
Remote control range: 30 meters


38 x 34 x 14.2 cm


1 Combat Special Mission Hovercraft
1 Radio Control
1 9.6 volt Rechargeable Battery

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