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RC Good Year Indoor Blimp

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About RC Good Year Indoor Blimp

Is that a UFO or a spaceship? No, it’s the RC Goodyear Indoor Blimp! This licensed replica is a smaller version of the famous airship that's often spotted at various sporting events. Measuring over four feet in length, it features a refillable Mylar helium balloon that is almost weightless and three micro-motor thrusters that allow it to fly in all directions with total control. The RC Goodyear Indoor Blimp is extremely maneuverable and very easy to fly – great fun for all ages.

Refillable Mylar helium balloon
Three micro-motor thrusters
3-Channel radio transmitter enables a control range of over 300 feet
Two separate control frequencies
Requires helium gas
Requires 9V transmitter battery and 3V blimp battery (not included)

Over four feet long

Not available