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RC Incred-A-Ball Golf Ball

RC Incred-A-Ball Golf Ball

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About RC Incred-A-Ball Golf Ball

Are you a practical joker and would love to play a trick on your friends?  Then get yourself a Radio Controlled Incred-A-Ball Golf Ball and watch their eyes widen in disbelief.  The toy is a perfect for April Fool's jokes or just your average day in the golf course.   Simply replace your golf partner's ball when they’re not looking with the Incred-A-Ball, and secretly control the direction of the ball once the player has putted. Watch their amazed faces as the ball moves around, and misses the hole by miles!   

Buy the  Radio Controlled Incred-A-Ball Golf Ball and expect loads of fun and laughter.  Just don't let your friends catch you!


The ball is designed to look just like a real golf ball
Easy charging


Radio controlled ball
Tri-band transmitter
Charger station


(not available)

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