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Ring Thing

Ring Thing

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About Ring Thing

The Ring Thing may be every geek’s ticket to cool – and you should wear it too, even if you’re not a geek. Stop searching for the bottle opener in your drawer and wear one instead (and watch your cool points pile up). The Ring Thing is genius – just slip it on to your middle finger, with the mail opener (shaped like cat’s ears) facing your palm.  Just hook the bottle cap and lift your wrist – voila, you are opening bottles.

The Ring Thing comes is several sizes (8 to 12) and is comfortable to wear. It’s uber cool, so don’t worry about it clashing with your party clothes. Made of stainless steel, the Ring Thing will probably last forever – or at least for 100 more rounds of beer.


Durable stainless steel construction
Cool design
Easy to use


The Ring Thing is available in different sizes, starting from 8 to 15

Ring Size   Circumference    UK Ring Size
    8       |      57mm        |        Q
    9       |      59.5mm     |      R 1/2
   10      |      62mm        |      T 1/2
   11      |      64.5mm     |      V 1/2
   12      |      67.5mm     |        Y
   13      |      70mm        |       Z+1
   14      |      72.5mm     |       Z+3
   15      |      75mm        |       Z+5


One Ring Thing bottle opener ring

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