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About Ringflash


For good photos, you’ll need a good flash. But for amazing photos, you’ll need Ringflash! When mounted onto your camera, this precious electronic flash completely surrounds your lens and shines a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. Your portraits will never look the same again! There are no ugly mugs with Ringflash – skin is radiant, eyes have circular reflections, and funky shadows are thrown around your subject when they’re against a wall. Put on the solid colour gels to toss coloured light, or use multiple gels to create eye-popping and jaw-dropping images!

Incredible portrait lighting
Color flashing
Off the hook firing
Compatible with Fisheye, Fisheye 2, LC-A, LC-A+, Diana and Holga

Not available

Ringflash unit
Hotshoe sync cord
4 Solid color rings
Color gel filters
5 Camera adapters
Editorial booklet


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