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Silverlit Wingsmaster i-Fairy

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About Silverlit Wingsmaster i-Fairy

From the creators of the popular PicooZ helicopters comes the Wingsmaster i-Fairy, an RC toy especially for young girls. With colourful wings and a flowery-haired sprite, it is one of the most mystical remote control flyers available! Flown via an infrared transmitter, the i-Fairy has throttle and yaw control to guide it up, down, left and right, allowing it to glide through the air gracefully. And despite its dainty appearance, the i-Fairy is resilient enough to endure the occasional rough landing – must be the magic fairy dust.

Available in pink, blue and green
Realistic wing flapping
Mimics bird flight
4 x AA size batteries required (not included)
1 x 3.7V rechargeable battery required (not included)

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