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Silverlit Wingsmaster i-Wings

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About Silverlit Wingsmaster i-Wings

Joining the Silverlit family of RC toys is the Wingsmaster i-Wings. It mimics the flapping wing movement of a bird in flight and is extremely maneuverable even in the smallest of spaces. With a flexible foam body and tear resistant wings, it can be flown either indoors or outside in calm conditions. This fun and colourful flying robot is perfect for young boys who love RC aircraft and would like to try something new, as well as those who are just getting into the exciting world of RC flying.

Built-in Lithium Polymer flight battery
4 AA batteries for transmitter (not included)
Integral field charger/transmitter included
Charging time: 15-20 minutes for full charge
Flight time: 10 minutes or more
Intelligent charger incorporating LED charging indicator and auto shut off facility when battery is charged
Infrared control
Range: up to 10m (30ft)
Flexible foam body with tear resistant wings
Ages 8+

Wingspan: 260mm
Length: 210mm
Weight: 12g

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