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Smokeless Ashtray

Smokeless Ashtray

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About Smokeless Ashtray

Are you a smoker? Show your consideration to other people who do not take after your habit by using a smokeless ashtray. It will not save you from lung cancer, but it just might save others.

This handy little gadget can keep your second hand smoke (or at least some of it) from annoying non-smokers. The Smokeless Ashtray can keep your cigarette’s ‘sting’ from bothering non-smokers in closed areas like small rooms, in bars, and in restaurants or cafes. It also keeps your cigarette’s irritating smell from sticking to furniture and carpet, not to mention everyone’s hair.


Four-stage system of filtration for the smoke
Cordless and uses 2 cc batteries


Not available


one smokeless ashtray

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