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Superheadz Golden Half

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About Superheadz Golden Half

Golden Half

The Golden Half camera is named so for a very good reason – it uses regular 35mm film, but takes up only half a frame per photo, thus producing two images in the space of one. That means you can get up to 48 pictures on a 24 exposure roll, and up to 72 on a 36 exposure roll. In short, it’s a ‘half camera’ that can take twice the number of photos with ordinary film. Another trait that makes it different from other cameras is its standard vertical format. These unique features make the Golden Half a truly golden gadget.

Takes twice the number of photos with 35mm film
Standard vertical format
Lens: 22mm f/8-11
Shutter: 1/100
Film advance: manual

Body size: 88 x 72 x 32mm
Weight: 90g

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