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Swearing Boxing Ball

Swearing Boxing Ball

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About Swearing Boxing Ball

Do you want to vent out your frustration in the office but find that there's nothing you can punch that won’t make you look like a crazy lunatic? Then you should get yourself a swearing boxing ball. This miniature punchball sways around with every hit and belts out profanities such as “F**K You,” expressing what you want to say but could never. It allows you to release all that built-up tension and stress when some annoying co-worker or demanding boss gets on your nerves.  The Swearing Boxing Ball has suction cups at its base so you can place it on any flat surface and punch away. 

Note: The Swearing Boxing Ball is an adult product that is not suitable for use by children and is not intended to be used as a toy.


Swearing Punchball includes a sound chip that says the following when hit:
F**k’n Jerk
F**K You
You’re an Ass h**e
Eat S**t
The sound chip uses foul language which may offend
Base contains 4 suction pads to keep it truly stuck on almost any surface
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)


Height 13inches
Base diameter: 7 inches


1 Swearing Boxing Ball(batteries not included)

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