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The Brick

The Brick

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About The Brick

Cause a stir in the office and throw a brick at any of your officemates. Well, not really a good idea, but it can be a fun prank, if you're using the Fake Brick that is. The Fake Brick is made from soft, durable foam that looks 100% real.  It is also fire retardant and weighs under 200g. You can throw it at almost anything and anyone without hurting people or breaking objects. It can also bounce off windows! The Fake Brick can be a fun gag on April Fools Day.

NOTE: The fake brick is not recommended to be thrown at people with nervous dispositions or with heart conditions.   


Made from soft, durable foam
Lightweight: weighs under 200 g
Safe to throw at just about anyone or anything
Will bounce off of windows
Looks 100% real  


Weights under 200g


1 Fake House Brick

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