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USB Body Massager

USB Body Massager

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About USB Body Massager

Stress can affect your ability to perform well and can cause you to get irritable and even get yourself sick.  Relax your tired muscles and tense nerves while you're in the office with a USB Body Massager.  It is a simple gadget that can be plugged into a computer's USB port. While it is a small device, it produces strong vibrations. Its textured surface helps you soothe tense muscles. It has a flexible cable that is 1.8 metres long, so you can massage most parts of your body: the back, neck, legs, or forehead.   


Strong vibrations for effective massaging
Speed of 3,600 rpm
Textured surface to soothe muscles
Long and flexible cable
Plugs to any USB port, does not need batteries to operate
Available in different colors


Size: 85x 43mm
Weight: 150g


1 Body Massager with USB cable

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