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Vamp RC Flying Bat

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About Vamp RC Flying Bat

A unique RC flying toy, the Vamp RC Flying Bat comes in the form of a futuristic bat. Complete with realistic flapping wings, it also incorporates a patented mechanism that allows it to turn, both with the wings flapping and on the glide. With a 10-inch wingspan, the Vamp RC Flying Bat can be flown indoors in small spaces or outside in calm conditions. Its eerie glowing green LED eyes let it fly in the dark, just like a real bat. No assembly is required for the Vamp RC Flying Box – it comes ready to fly straight out of the box.

Ready to fly
Available in 27 MHz and 49 MHz frequencies
10 minute flight from 20-30 minute charge

Length: 10”
Wingspan: 12”
Weight: 11.7 grams

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