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Viatek Rescue

Viatek Rescue

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About Viatek Rescue

The Viatek rescue is a lifesaver, and an indispensable gadget for your mobile lifestyle.  It's a small compact unit that serves as a radio, appliance charger, car charger, emergency alarm, and flashlight in one.  Make sure you have one of these for the ultimate urban survival kit.    


AM/FM Radio
High Power Flashlight w/ Two settings: On and Flashing
Car Jump Start through the cigarette lighter
Power Bank with plugs for any 12v appliance including cell phones.
Can be charged by an emergency dynamo crank
Charge by mains - Charge through the cigarette lighter
Accessory storage area
Emergency alarm that sounds like a siren  
Retractable Handle
Shielded electronic compartments
Headphone Jack
12V Power Socket
Ac Adapter Input
Recharging light indicator
Battery Capacity Indicators
Battery level Tester
DC Power Output
Voltage Switch
Power Output Indicator Light
Radio Power Indicator
Station Tuning Control
Volume Control
1 Year Warranty


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