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Vibrating Body Massager

Vibrating Body Massager

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About Vibrating Body Massager

Tired and aching all over? Use this hand-shaped vibrating body massager to knead your pains away.  Use it on your own as a personal body massager or use it on others. Massage your stresses away with this Vibrating Body Massager in Red. Just press the thumb nail to activate its vibrating function.

This Vibrating Body Massager is great for use with or without its vibrating action. Use it without the vibrating function for those light aches and pains. Use it with the vibrating function to help release those deep down hurts and body pains. Not feeling any pains? Use this Vibrating Body Massager to help improve your general health by using it to improve circulation in your body. With improved circulation, you'll speed up the release of toxins in your body giving you more energy.


Requires 2 AA batteries


1 x Vibrating Body Massager