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Waboba Ball

Waboba Ball

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About Waboba Ball

If you’re looking for a fun and physically challenging game to play with your kids or your friends at the beach this summer, then you have found what you are looking for: the new Waboba Ball – the only ball that actually ‘bounces’ on water. Surprisingly simple yet taxing, Waboba works like a water skipping stone that you can catch. All you need to play is the ball – no nets, no other accessories. Interested?

The Waboba Ball (also called wabobaball) is primarily made of different types of polyurethane coated in lycra, enabling it to bounce on water. It is suitable for children 3 years and above, but mind you – it’s not just for kids. The success of this toy was largely propelled by adults who spent countless hours playing the Waboba game on the beach. Simply group together in threes and pass the Waboba Ball between the members of your team (at least one water bounce in each pass) for as long as you can without letting the other team get their hands on it.  When everyone in your team has already caught the ball at least once (without the other team being able to interrupt), you get one point. Detailed rules are available from the official Waboba website.


Multi-polyurethane material
CE certified
Safe for kids 3 years and older


60mm (approx)


One Waboba Ball

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