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Water Mortar

Water Mortar

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About Water Mortar

Make your water fights more interesting by bringing out a Water Mortar – the new toy that lets you drop water bombs on your water sports opponents (or just about any beach bum you want to kid around with). Just fill the water bombs with water, load, rest the Water Mortar on your shoulder, aim, and fire away (just load one water bomb at a time). This cool, tough-looking toy will make the other team throw in the towel. If they don't surrender after the first water bomb you drop, don’t worry – you have 99 more. This nifty toy can turn an otherwise dull afternoon at the beach into a water fight frenzy. Just be careful where you point that thing!


Lightweight durable material
Shoulder rest


500mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 220mm (H)


1 Water Mortar
100 water bombs

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