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Wild Sling - Giant Water Balloon Launcher

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About Wild Sling - Giant Water Balloon Launcher

Let the watery wars begin! With the Wild Sling Giant Water Balloon Launcher, you can save yourself from the embarrassment of a limp wristed throw – this thing can launch your water balloons to a distance of over 300 feet! You’ll need two friends to help you use the Wild Sling. Start by sitting a water balloon in the pouch, and have your mates hold each end at the grips. Standing in between them, hold on to the sling pouch grip, then step back, stretching out the catapult’s tubing. Finally, crouch into position, aim, and – this is the best part – let go!

Please note:
- Do not fire directly at people, animals or property.
- For use in open spaces with water balloons only.
- Adult supervision required.

Not available

Not available

1 Slingshot
1 Carry pouch
Approx. 150 balloons