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Wind Copter

Wind Copter

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About Wind Copter

The only wind powered helicopter in the world, the wind copter, is one of the most unique outdoor toys you will find.  Not only is it a beauty and a sight to behold – it's also environmentally friendly and does not require any batteries, fuel, or electricity to operate. All it needs is a strong good wind.

The wind copter is easy to fly too.  To launch it, all you need is to spin the rotor blades, allow it to rotate, and slowly release the string with your back to the wind.  It can fly all day up to 100 metres without costing you a penny.          


Engineered with lightweight metal and resilient polymer
Can perform vertical take-offs and dive to the left and right
Wind-powered (requires a steady wind sped of 20 to 70 kmh)
Advanced aerodynamics construction
Can fly all day and up to 100 metres


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1 Wind copter
2 Rotor blades
1 Balancing arm
1 Landing gear
2 Pontoons
1 Twine
1 Clip
1 set of decals to decorate your chopper
1 six language instruction manual