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X-Twin Acrobat 3D Planes

X-Twin Acrobat 3D Planes

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About X-Twin Acrobat 3D Planes

Even better than its predecessor X-Twin, the new Air Acrobat 3D Plane includes a three-channel control to allow proportional steering using elevator control, differential thrust, and motor control. That means that even beginner pilots can take off, land, and even do loops and stunts very easily! Acrobat 3D Plane's autonomous speed controllers help the two wing-mounted electric motors to manoeuvre the unit proportionally - just move the joy stick right or left. You also have easy throttle control for ascending or descending. Best of all, you can fly this indoor plane outside during calm weather conditions.


Superb strength to weight ratio
Made of impact-proof, lightweight expanded polypropylene foam
Comes in three cool styles
Three bands to allow you to fly three planes together
Race or do aerobatics
Charge direct from transmitter / less than 30 minutes charging time
Flight: Up to 10 minutes
Range: 100 metres


Wingspan: 315 mm
Length: 310 mm
Weight: 26 grams (including battery)


X-Twin Air Acrobat 3D Plane
integral transmitter/charger
two spare propellers
flight manual