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XTreme Shocking Lighter

XTreme Shocking Lighter

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About XTreme Shocking Lighter

This neat little toy looks just like your everyday lighter – until you try to use it. The Xtreme Shocking Lighter delivers an electric shock through your hand when you press the top. Watch your friends’ reactions when they try to light up with it. It might be the oldest joke in the book, but it’s still loads of fun. It’s also great for those who keep nicking lighters off your desk – see if a nasty shock can’t set them right! A little warning, though: the shock may interfere with electronic devices like pacemakers. Keep it away from children and people with epilepsy or heart problems.


Emits mild electric shock
Different shock levels
Realistic lighter disguise
Lightweight and compact


Not available


One (1) Xtreme Shocking Lighter
Lighter batteries

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