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XTreme Shocking Pen

XTreme Shocking Pen

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About XTreme Shocking Pen

If you’re sick and tired of people borrowing pens from you, here’s a product that could set them to rights. The Xtreme Shocking Pen looks every bit an ordinary pen, but wait till they try to use it – the pen delivers an electric shock to whoever’s holding it, catching them off guard. It’s a trick that’s been around for ages, but still fools a lot of people.

The Xtreme Shocking Pen is great for tricking friends, getting back at people, or just plain fun. A word of warning, however: the shock may interfere with pacemakers and affect people with epilepsy or heart problems.


Emits mild electrical shock
Real-looking silver retractable body
Different shock levels


Not available


One (1) Xtreme Shocking Pen
Three (3) 1.5 volt batteries

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