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About Zappit

Test your thumb reflexes and see how fast you can react with the Reaction Game Zappit!. This is an electronic handheld toy that requires two players to play. The toy is held on one end by the first player, and the other end by the second player. Each end has a button that releases a red light when pressed. The red light zaps in the direction of the opponent, but is stopped when the opponent presses his or her side of the game. The more you hit the button, the faster and faster the red light goes. The player who hits the button the most times at the shortest period of time, zaps the opponent with the red light and wins.  The first to five zaps to the opponent is the winner of the game.   The Reaction Game Zappit! is a great game and fun gift idea.


Two-player game
Exercises thumb reflexes
Light and portable
Fun and easy game to play for all ages
Batteries included


Not available


1 Reaction Game with batteries

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